Openhouse by XTEN Architecture

Called the Openhouse projec,the house is designed by Openhouse by XTEN Architecture and it was completed in 2009.It is situated Hollywood Hills, in neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, USA and it has 4,500 square foot two story home .The house enjoys of natural light and also of beautiful views.Both the inside and outside of the house are very simple,but perfect.It has a luxury fireplace where you can sit and look at all the city view.All the room are spacious and with warm colors.With two floors,the house has retaining walls and you can configured to extend the first floor living level into the hillside and to create gardens on two levels.he front, side and rear elevations of the house slide open to erase all boundaries between indoors and out, connecting the spaces to gardens on both levels. There are forty-four sliding glass panels, each seven feet wide by ten feet high and configured to disappear into hidden pockets and allow for uninterrupted views and access to exterior terraces and gardens.

Openhouse by XTEN Architecture (1)

The architects said that “There are also fixed glass walls, mirror glass walls and light gray specular glass panels which lend lightness to the interior spaces. The glass walls are visually counterweighted by sculptural, solid elements in the house rendered in stone, dark stained oak, tinted concrete and plaster. The use of cut pebble flooring throughout the house, decks and terraces continues the indoor-outdoor materiality, which is amplified when the glass walls slide away. The building finishes are few in number but applied in a multiplicity of ways throughout the project, furthering the experience of continuous open spaces from interior to exterior.”


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