One Of The Rarest Cars In The World, Put Up For Auction

On August 19 will be auctioned one of the rarest cars in the world. This is a Mercedes-Benz 540K Von Krieger, version, 1936.If you want to bid,the car will be sold in the Classic Car Festival in Pebble Beach, California and it is estimated that its price will exceed $ 10 million.

One Of The Rarest Cars In The World, Put Up For Auction (6)

Now it’s time for a little history.In 1936, Baroness Gisela Von Krieger brother, Henning, buy a Mercedes-Benz 540k, which is soon taken over by his sister.In September 1939 Henning joined the German army, and Gisela withdrew at Monaco.In 1943 Henning returned to Switzerland with his sister, and six years later they move to the United States and in the same  time they take with them the famous car, then maintained by one of the best garages in Manhattan, Zumbach’s.In 1959 Gisela’s brother dies and her car off in a barn.In 1992 David Gooding, head of auction house Gooding, receives a call from a lawyer in Connecticut, USA, announces that he found an old convertible.fiind reconditionat de legendarul Chris Charlton.

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