One of the Largest Powerboat Brands –Azimut

Azimut Yachts is one of the largest powerboat companies in the world. The label has made its name in Europe and other regions in the Eastern hemisphere and now is aiming to conquer new territories including the United States. The success of the brand lies in the high quality of their products and in their great understanding of the customer’s needs.

One of the Largest Powerboat Brands –Azimut (14)

A very competent opinion is given by Barry Marshall who has been an active part of the boating industry since he was only 13. He states that for as long as he’s worked in the industry he has seen many boat designs that didn’t manage to satisfy the needs of customers. However, he says that Azimut has never made such errors in design, creating impeccable vessels with great layouts throughout.

Another important detail that Marshall pointed out is that a product that comes with complicated maintenance procedures is not going to be that appealing, thus making it very important for the company that produces it to listen to its network of dealers. A great example of the high quality that Azimut provides to its customers is one of their latest models, the 55s. The boat is a real stunner with its bow design, a new hull and a price tag of $1.9 million.

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