One Hyde Park, London’s Most Expensive Neighborhood

Viewed from outside, glass buildings of central London seem luxurious offices of multinational corporations. Construction of the 86 super-luxury apartments in One Hyde Park, for the very wealthy, began four years ago, when nobody spoke of the crisis.Now, the amount of 136 million pounds (150 million euros) for a single apartment is a dream, but almost impossible.

One Hyde Park, London's Most Expensive Neighborhood (2)

At one year after completion of the building, almost no one stays in luxury apartment buildings, though developers announced they had sold 62 homes. The cheapest – £ 3.6 million.According to local authorities, only 4 apartments have been registered with Revenue, for taxes, and are known only three owners, one of whom was Mohammed Saud Sultan Al Qasimi, from United Arab Emirates.

So, who lives in these apartments?”These people are not like you and me. Many of them live in other parts of the world and stay in London a few days a year, “said the man guard of one of the buildings.

It’s difficult to not feel disappointment, considering that the expected tips from the world’s richest men have exceeded modest salary. Instead, however, keep entering a ghost town.Behind him, ornaments Christmas trees shine in perfect alignment and a man from clean, dressed in black, only mature leaves can be seen on the sidewalk.An air of loneliness and isolation reigns everywhere in One Hyde Park. Many of eccentricities that it offers – iris recognition by the elevator or armored windows are almost ridiculous.

The complex has a pool of 21 meters which is almost always empty, a cinema, sauna, gym, wine cellar, room service, plus a tunnel linking the district of Mandarin Oriental, 5-star hotel nearby.Who is this apartment complex pays the highest taxes in the world. For example, a penthouse triplex taxes in One Hyde Park reach 350,000 pounds per year.


 Source Artsy’s Jeff Koons

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