Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago And Its Glacier Waterfalls

As the northernmost habited place on the planet, the archipelago called Svalbard can be found in right between the North Pole and the mainland of Norway. Since it is found in close proximity to the North Pole, you might be inclined to think that Svalbard is a cold and inhospitable place, but it is relatively welcoming thanks to the warm touch of the Gulf Stream.

Norway's Svalbard Archipelago 1

Norway's Svalbard Archipelago 2

Norway's Svalbard Archipelago 3

With a size of 23,957 square miles, Svalbard is covered in big part by glaciers, some of which feature their own waterfalls that are fueled by melting ice and snow. Even though most of Svalbard is nothing but rock and ice, the brief summertime gives way for the formation of tundra vegetation. The unspoiled natural environment of the archipelago is protected thanks to the 23 nature reserves and 7 national parks found on its lands, which means that the place is teeming with varied wildlife.

The many animals that call this place home include polar foxes, polar bears, seals, walruses and reindeer, while the birds selection is no less impressive thanks to the beautiful Arctic Fulmar, Puffins and Arctic Terns. The waters surrounding this majestic place are inhabited by Beluga Whales, Orcas, Narwhals and Humpback Whales, all of which can be spotted by visitors on a regular basis.

Norway's Svalbard Archipelago 8

Norway's Svalbard Archipelago 6

Norway's Svalbard Archipelago 7

Norway's Svalbard Archipelago 9



Arctic Fulmar

Arctic Fulmar

Beluga Whales 1

Beluga Whales





Humpback Whales 1

Humpback Whales

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