Nimbus e-Car Off-Road Concept by Eduardo Galvani

Electric and hybrid vehicles first entered the market as quirky solutions for daily commuters, but as time passed and technologies advanced, they gradually got more elaborate, more reliable and definitely more appealing. Today we can see some really awesome supercars with zero carbon emissions and even cool off-road vehicles that work solely on electric power.

Nimbus e-Car Off-Road Concept by Eduardo Galvani

Today we present to you the hybrid Nimbus e-Car concept by Brazilian designer Eduardo Galvani. The car looks both vintage and futuristic, and it is supposed to be powered by a 130Kw electric engine, which should deliver the equivalent power of a 180 hp regular engine. It also features a micro combustion generator and a lithium-ion battery.

Still only in concept stage, this is an all-terrain car with a lightweight body made of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. For some extra energy, the roof is covered with photovoltaic panels, while the regenerative brakes do their own thing to help conserve more power. Inside the Nimbus there are several USB ports, a 7-inch tablet in the center console, a Wi-Fi hub and even a few power outlets. That’s pretty much all you need for a successful off-road experience!

Nimbus e-Car Off-Road Concept

Nimbus e-Car Off-Road Concept Front View

Nimbus e-Car Off-Road Concept Back View

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