Nicole Scherzinger Looking Amazing at the X Factor Auditions

The beautiful 35-year old singer Nicole Scherzinger was spotted at the X Factor auditions looking confident and in good spirits even though she just went through a painful break up. Nicole broke up with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton after a 5-year relationship, and all she had to say regarding the subject was: “It sucks, doesn’t it? It really sucks.”

Nicole Scherzinger Looking Amazing at the X Factor Auditions (5)

Nonetheless, the star looked amazing wearing a pair of elegant high-heels and a patterned miniskirt, complemented by a narrow black belt and an enticing low-cut pink shirt. She was also wearing exquisite jewelry pieces from Katie Rowland’s Morrigan AW13 collection, and she did her best to appear cheerful and kind while she was smiling and waving to her fans.

On the other hand, Lewis appears to be struggling with the recent changes, but he is doing his best to carry on with his career despite the unfortunate event. In any case, it seems that Rihanna is currently helping him cope with the pain, as they were both sighted partying until the break of dawn at a club in Monte Carlo.

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