Nicole Scherzinger –a Diva Without the Attitude

Nicole Scherzinger’s career took off after she won an American TV talent show and was assigned the lead singer of Eden’s Crush, a girl-only band, back in 2001. The group disbanded a year later as it didn’t manage to impress the public. However, Nicole went on to become the lead singer of Pussycat Dolls, a band that rocked the charts with singles like Stickwitu and Don’t Cha. In 2010 the members of the band chose to go their separate ways, thus giving Nicole the chance to reinvent herself as a solo artist.

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Her voice, her blossoming success, her stunning figure and charisma are what Scherzinger managed to woo the public with. The star 34-year-old star is currently a judge at the British show X-Factor. Perhaps one of the qualities that make the singer so easy to love is the fact that she managed to stay true to herself even with all the money and the fame, which, frankly, is a rare quality to find in the entertainment industry these days. Nicole says about herself that she is a perfectionist and that she is the type that will work on something until she is fully satisfied with the result. For her, progress is all about setting your goals higher and higher each time you achieve something.

When it comes to her personal life, Nicole speaks freely about how she goes to Gran Prix to support her sweet heart Lewis Hamilton.

When she was chosen as a judge for the talent show X Factor she was quite concerned about how British media would take the fact that she was the one to replace Cheryl Cole. However, her famous colleague Simon Cowell reassured her that everything would go just fine and that she will certainly win over the media with her wonderful personality. Apparently, Simon was right; the British media loved Nicole’s honesty and sense of humor.

She also stated that she greatly admires Tulisa Contostavlos for the amazing judge she is at the age of 23. The ex-Pussycat Doll singer says that the experience of being a judge has been an amazing one for her so far, enabling her to do something very different from everything else she has done in her career.

Nicole is planning on launching another single soon, called Boomerang. The song was played to her in the studio by a friend and she immediately fell in love with it. She added that it is difficult to predict whether or not a song will appeal to the public or not, but she prefers to go with songs that she likes and that represent her as an artist.

Her desire to find her place in the music industry dates back in 1985, when she was only six and her parents gave her the debut album of Whitney Huston and a cassette player. One can only imagine how saddening the untimely death of Huston was to Nicole. In her honor she recently did a photo shoot where she even sported the same hair-do as the late singer.

As we said before, fame and money didn’t change Nicole’s perspective on life. She says that she keeps her mentality from when she was growing up, back when her family was poor. She also admitted to trying, like many other stars, to keep a low profile when she goes out in public, but that doesn’t really work, as people seem to recognize her everywhere she goes.

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