New York Prepared for the New Year.

Preparations for New Year came straight to New York, where workers are working hard to assemble the famous crystal ball in Times Square.This year, one million people are expected to celebrate the turn of the year known New York market. Christmas just passed and they began preparations for the biggest night of the year. In Times Square, where will be one of the biggest party the world has already begun assembling crystals. This year, approximately 3000 of these crystals will cover the huge ball of aluminum.One of the favorite destinations of tourists from around the world is even New York, the city that never sleeps and which holidays, shining more than ever.

New York Prepared for the New Year. (4)

Shows on Broadway playing with the house closed, even though tickets cost from $ 100 up. At Radio City Hall Christmas show running from November 11th until January 2nd. Here come people of all ages and from all over the world.Despite the madness of American metropolis including holidays, no one complains. In Times Square, all seem interested only to go as well in the city’s festive atmosphere.

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