New York’s Woolworth Townhouse on Sale for $90 Million

The most expensive house in New York costs $ 90 million. Until soldis rent $165,000 per month. A villa in the French Gothic style from Mahnattan just been offered for sale at a price of $ 90 million the most expensive housing put up for sale in New York history.

New York’s Woolworth Townhouse on Sale for $90 Million (5)

The house is located in Upper East Side, covers an area of ​​about 1,700 square meters and has 10 bedrooms, a dining room that can hold 50 people, a library, a gym, 11 bathrooms and 3 kitchens and belonged to the former personalities in the sports industry,Lucille Roberts. She bought the house in 1996 for $ 6 million. The house was originally built for the middle daughter of retail magnateFrank Woolworth.

Previously, the most expensive house in New York put up for sale cost $ 72 million.Brokers say that the reason the price increased so much that “while most of the villas on sale at huge prices were in deplorable condition and needed total renovation and refurbishment, this villa is in excellent condition.”

If it will not sell house can be rented for $165,000 per month.



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