New Year of Five Million Pounds of Roman Abramovich

Luxury and opulence are the best words to describe the life of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Parties which they organize are already legendary, and New Year this year is no exception.This year Roman Abramovich organized the party for the New Year on his property of 28 hectares on the St.Barts island.400 people were invited to celebrate the transition into the new year, most of them, like Roman Abramovich, international celebrities.The owner of Chelsea football club bought the property in 2009, in exchange for 59 million pounds.The two had still other options for spending holidays – recently, Russian billionaire has paid 90 million pounds for a house with 15 rooms, located in Kensington Palace Gardens, London, during the Cold War, belonged Russian government.

New Year of Five Million Pounds of Roman Abramovich (6)

This is the third New Year that Abramovich spent in St. Barts and probably the most extravagant of all, the conditions in which the 400 guests, and organization costs amounted to five million pounds.One of the great advantages of organizing a private party in St.. Barts island is that access is difficult and costly, so the risk of appearing curious guests and uninvited is very small. On the island there is only one small airport, which does not allow aircraft.

On the guest list were the names such as Jon Bon Jovi, Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo from, Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, Martha Stewart, Melissa George Australian actress and her boyfriend Russell Simmons, and director and screenwriter George Lucas, creator of Star Wars.Those who maintain the atmosphere during the evening were rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers. Moreover, it is a tradition at these parties to sing very famous name. In 2009, Russian billionaire brought the Beyonce, Prince and Gwen Stefani, and last year played at the party Black Eyed Peas band.




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