New Vessel by Setzer Yacht Architets and NISI Yachts

The Setzer Yacht Architects label was assigned by NISI Yachts the task of creating a project for a powerful catamaran yacht series. The brand came up with an amazing design that incorporates a vertical bow hull that is ideal for piercing the waves, and pod drive. The vessel is easy to maneuver and fast, as it can allegedly reach speeds of over 25 knots.

New Vessel by Setzer Yacht Architets and NISI Yachts (7)

The interior and exterior areas blend beautifully thanks to the galley layout and the open-plan salon. Its gorgeous design and fantastic features will make it ideal for entertainment, charter and exploration. The boat will be part of NISI’s Xpresso line, will measure 49 feet and will be officially unveiled in 2014. The vessel will be called “Xpresso 1500”.

However, this is not the first collaboration between the two companies. Back in 2011 they launched the acclaimed 78-foot NISI 2400 and in 2012 they introduced a jet-powered sport-cruiser that measures 55 feet commissioned by a Northeast American politician. They also have an ongoing project, the so-called ‘Hookah’ superyacht. The boat was partially unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show and is expected to measure between 98 and 118 feet.

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