New Medium Body H5X Camera from Hasselblad

Not too small, not too large, the new Hasselblad medium camera body is the ideal size for photography enthusiasts. Called H5X, the new body format represents an upgrade for H1, H2, H2F and H4X users, based on the H5D range.

H5X Camera from Hasselblad

You get the cool H5 capabilities and the functionality of the H4S. New features include an LCD display, enhanced lens compatibility (H System lenses will work wonderfully), a new grip, and the in-house True Focus system. It can also be used with films, which is always an amazing feature.

All this and more can be in your hands for approximately $6,000 (€4,600 to be more precise) if you get the no-viewfinder version, or about $7,500 (€5,800) if you go for the with-viewfinder variant. The design is quite similar to that of the H5D model, weighing 1.8 pounds and measuring 5.6’ x 4.3’ x 3.4’.

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