New Luxe Louboutin Handbags for Posh Ladies

New Luxe Louboutin Handbags for Posh Ladies

New Luxe Louboutin Handbags for Posh Ladies

These posh little pieces can make an outfit go from nice to great. Charming and petite, each of these three Louboutin handbags have an irresistible French charm. They are crafted with fine leather and feature cool accents such as metal studs and animal print trims.

1. Quilted Rouge Sweet Charity

Quilted Rouge Sweet Charity

Red and fiery, like the spirit of a young lady, this version of Louboutin’s Sweet Charity handbag can be successfully worn both during the day and on a night out with your friends. Priced at $1,995, it features a lovely red quilted trim and golden hardware.

2. Dompteuse Messenger Leopard Print

Dompteuse Messenger Leopard Print

Part of the label’s Fall Winter 2013 collection, this little head turner boasts exotic leopard trims that go perfectly with the black and red leather used for the rest of the design. Four a touch of extra glamour a few golden studs have also been added to the $1,895 recipe.

3. Loubiposh Clutch

Loubiposh Clutch

Quirky enough not to let you pass unnoticed, yet delicate enough not to scream for attention, this elegant studded clutch comes with a Louboutin chain so that you can instantly change its functionality according to your needs. However you choose to wear it, the $995 Loubiposh Clutch can always glam you up.

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