Neiman Marcus Sells Indian Larry’s Wild Child Bike For $750K

Indian Larry was a very talented artist and motorcycle builder who became widely popular thanks to his links with the Discovery Channel. All of Indian Larry’s motorcycles were masterpieces of design and engineering, but one of his most appreciated bikes is definitely the “Wild Child”, which he created in 2003 in Brooklyn, New York as part of the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off series.

Indian Larry’s iconic ‘Wild Child’ motorcycle 1

Indian Larry unfortunately died just one year after winning the build-off while he was performing for a bike show, but his Wild Child is currently unscathed and retailed as part of the 2013 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. This fabulous motorcycle impresses with a unique design and extreme attention to detail, and it represents a testament to Indian Larry’s professionalism, vision and talent. The bike flaunts Larry’s signature dished tank as well as a twisted down tube frame and a superb paint job, while the engine boasts a jockey shift, a shovelhead front cylinder as well as a panhead rear. Moreover, for a touch of exclusivity and originality, Indian Larry decided to engrave the “Wild Child” name on the open belt drive.

Indian Larry’s iconic ‘Wild Child’ motorcycle 3

Neiman Marcus Sells Indian Larry’s Wild Child Bike For $750K

The motorcycle is currently accompanied by a price tag of $750,000, out of which $7000 will be donated to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation.

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