Naturally Beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve In Jordan

Perhaps Jordan isn’t your first choice for a vacation destination, but maybe it should be. This Arab kingdom in Western Asia was host to about 8 million visitors in 2010, which means that it has plenty to offer in terms of attractions and accommodations. Still, we’re not going to talk about all of Jordan’s attractions because we’re going to focus on its largest nature reserve: the Dana Biosphere Reserve.

Naturally Beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve In Jordan Landscape

Founded in 1989, the reserve covers 119 square miles of space and encircles Wadi Dana as well as Dana Village. During your stay, you’ll find more than adequate accommodation options at the Dana Cooperative Hotel, which can be found in close proximity to some of the most important attractions. If you are passionate about nature and biodiversity, you’ll definitely enjoy visiting this wonderful place. No less than 215 species of birds, 38 species of mammals and 703 species of plants call this nature reserve home, including a number of endangered species such as the Syrian Serin.

As far as plants are concerned, the grounds of the reserve include fine examples of Phoenician Juniper, rocky sudanian, evergreen oak and Mediterranean Cypress. Another thing that makes Dana special is the fact that it is the only reserve in Jordan to flaunt 4 bio-geographical zones: Sudanian, Irano-Turanian, Mediterranean and Saharo-Arabian.

Beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve In Jordan

Dana Biosphere Reserve In Jordan Panorama

Dana Biosphere Reserve In Jordan

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