Nagoro Village In Japan Is Populated By Dolls

Hearing about a village that is populated mostly by dolls for the first time is bound to give you some chills down your spine. The village of Nagoro in Shikoku, Japan used to be the home of actual humans some time ago, but as its residents went off in searches for better lives and better jobs, the site eventually became completely abandoned.

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About 11 years ago, a former citizen of Nagoro by the name of Tsukimi Ayano decided to come back home. As you can probably imagine, she felt quite lonely surrounded by empty houses and roads, and so she decided to create a series of dolls and place them at key points within the village in order to represent each and every one of its former inhabitants.

Nowadays, about 350 dolls can be found in Nagoro in total. They are made out of straw and feature old clothing for the most part. The dolls can be found in the old school, along the river, on benches and in the fields, and even though they might give off a rather eerie feel, they still represent a rather impressive form of art and artisanship.

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