Nā Pali Coast State Park Is A Natural Paradise

The planet is filled with picturesque corners of paradise that tempt with breathtaking views of natural landscapes, but we decided to focus our attention on a very specific corner of the world today: the Nā Pali Coast State Park in Kauaʻi. As the oldest island in Hawaii to be inhabited by humans, Kauaʻi boasts with a remarkable natural beauty exemplified through stunning waterfalls, massive cliffs, wide shores filled with soft sand and a multitude of narrow valleys.

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Flaunting a very interesting heritage, the Nā Pali Coast used to be inhabited by humans hundreds and hundreds of years ago, humans who used to live off the land exclusively. Nowadays, the state park can only be reached via a single road called the Kalalau Trail, which stretches for 11 miles from Kee Beach to Kalalau Beach. The hike is not recommended for amateurs, since it features numerous muddy parts as well as challenging narrow portions. Those who wish to camp while traversing the trail are welcome to do so as long as they obtained a permit from the Hawaii State Parks Division.

Tourists who wish to admire the natural beauty of the Nā Pali Coast State Park without practicing any form of hiking could always try out the available boat tours that start off in Port Allen or go on a fantastic air tour that promises unforgettable panoramas of the island. Kayaking trips are also available for those who are brave enough to tackle the waves.

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