Mumbai’s Real Estate Project by Wadhwa Group

Do you think that you have seen it all until now?Well,you might to be wrong.Mumbai will be lucky to have an unusual but spectacular building.The proposal comes from architect James Law to achieve a 37-storey residential buildings in India.The project named Aquaria Grande developed by Wadhwa Group will have over 200 apartments.These 200 apartments are not just simple apartments.They have a interesting design and a thing that you which certainly do not ever think it would be possible:the pool is located in the apartment balcony.Down will be a reception desk because the building will have also a business centre,so the reception will help the guets to orientate.All the rooms will have a spectacular view.This gorgeous project will be one which will protect the environment.It will have glass facades,podium gardens ,parks with green spaces.The building will have and club with gymnasium and sauna but also a three levels of car parking space.Would you like to live here?

Mumbai's Real Estate Project by Wadhwa Group (10)



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