Mulberry Will Present Their Fall 2013 Line

Mulberry proved that it is never too early to launch a collection, as they will soon present their fall 2013 line. After designing accessories for Marc Jacobs, Emma Hill was named creative director for the above mentioned British brand in 2007. Ms. Hill describes Mulberry creations as fun, edgy and marked by the British heritage.

Mulberry Will Present Their Fall 2013 Line (3)

Since it made its debut, the label has created beautiful pieces. A good example in this case are the postwar-inspired items from the spring collection of 2012 and the stylish jackets, skirts, tops and dresses that were featured in the fall 2012 line. Mulberry has managed to amaze each and every time by adding a certain playful romantic vibe to their items that gives them a particularly sweet appeal.

The main focus for this year’s spring line is on cute colors, peacoats, floral prints, wide-leg leather pants and sundresses. The fall collection, as mentioned before, will be launched soon, on the 17th of February at London Fashion Week to be more precise. About this line Emma Hill stated that it’s going to be colorful and full of personality.

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