Most Extravagant Yachts in the World

Extravagant Yachts

Extravagant Yachts

If the yacht is a symbol of the welfare state, the owners of luxury beauty and secured a spot in the rankings.  All selected yachts are true floating palaces and impressive features as claims world billionaires.

Maltese Falcon

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Maltese Falcon is one of the largest private yachts in the world, originally built for businessman Tony Perkins.  The boat is now owned by “superstar” of hedge funds,  Elena Ambrosiadou. Yacht, a true beauty for connoisseurs,  has more than 86 meters long and is famous in particular for revolutionary navigation system, DynaRig. Falcon can cross the Atlantic in ten days.  Inside,  the boat is just as spectacular. Circular staircase going through an atrium full of light and transparent bridge connects three floors of the three.  Full gym room, the walls adorned with works of art,  spacious lounges,  a VIP suite with a private cockpit,  however highlights opulent luxury characteristic Maltese falcon.


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Greek billionaire Dakis Joannou,  one of the largest collectors of contemporary art in the world,  owns the yacht,  whose length exceeds 39 meters . Yacht was made by Italian manufacturer has a design Ivana purple and hard to ignore. Inspired camouflage pattern used in World War I,  the outer surface of the vessel is painted in yellow,  black,  purple,  white and blue,  from a chosen model for Jeff Koons. Very bright interior dominated by white hosts many art works, including a painting by David Shrigley,  a sculpture by Martin Creed and a signed painting by Sarah Morris.

Mr. Terrible

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Mr. Terrible can be rented for private cruises and compensates for small size with a sumptuous luxury. Items of furniture were made up of no less than a dozen different wood essences,  all from very rare trees. The interior is a combination of styles,  Art-Deco and traditional Polynesian. Therefore, there exist specific to Hawaii wall panels,  shelves walnut and a reception hall African mahogany from Honduras.


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Solemates was rented by Sean P. Diddy Combs,  for 850,000 dollars per week through Group Luxury Yacht. The boat is full of features that would satisfy the most demanding tourists.  The best facilities are,  however, technological.Yacht has a set of applications for the iPad, customized to allow occupants to control the vast majority of systems,  from climate to those for entertainment.


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Octopus belongs to Microsoft co-founder,  Paul Allen and is a mega-yacht, built for 200 million euros. Estimated annual maintenance budget has been estimated by Forbes at 20 million dollars.  “Monster” over 144 meters is equipped with a recording studio, docking system for jetski’s, basketball court,  seven boats, two helicopters and two submarines lanes. Its decks are served by three elevators and a glass staircase, where you can see pools, hot tub and beach area. But above all, the yacht has a small submarine,  a squash hall,  a spa,  a cinema,  a broken and a helicopter track.


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Russian billionaire yacht Eclipse is owned by Roman Abramovich and is the most expensive and largest on the globe. Boat construction was estimated at 400 million dollars. With a modern design, made by French architect Hermidas Atabeyki,  luxurious interior and a brand Terrence Disdale, yacht is simply overwhelming. Each of the 24 passenger cabin is equipped with its own TV screen over 2 meters.

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