Most Expensive Shoes for Ladies

When it comes to shoes ,women must to have in their wardrobe the most beautiful and luxury shoes .They were always an object of fascination ,endowed with mythical power.Today we present you the world’s most expensive shoes for ladies.

Most Expensive Shoes for Ladies (3)

1. Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels

Diamonds,rubies,sapphires!Missing something?No!These amazing shoes were created for Kathleen “Bird” York, the talented artist who was nominated at the Oscars.The price of the shoes is :$3 million.

Most Expensive Shoes for Ladies (5)


2. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Designed by Ronald Winston in 1989 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, these shoes also have a price at at $3 million.The shoes have 4,600 rubies and 50 carats of diamonds.

Most Expensive Shoes for Ladies (4)


3. Stuart Weitzman and Le Vian evening shoes

With a little lower price of $2 million,these sandals are adorned with 285 precious stones and with a ankle bracelet .

Most Expensive Shoes for Ladies (3)


4. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

This luxury shoes was wearing by Alison Krauss and its cost $2 million.They are made of Italian leather and set with 565 diamond carats.The key of these shoes is the amaretto diamond on the right slipper, worth $1million.

Most Expensive Shoes for Ladies (2)

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