Most Expensive Monuments in Europe

Most Expensive Monuments in Europe (3)

Most Expensive Monuments in Europe (3)

The heart of the Europe is at Paris!It seems that the Eiffel Tower is the most expensive monument in Europe. It was built for an exhibition and would be collected and destroyed after that. However, the success enjoyed turned into a symbol of Paris.It is considered the most precious monument of Europe, its value is estimated at 344 billion pounds.

Eiffel Tower

Famous Parisian building the steel frame, finished in 1889, was designed by Émile Nouguier, Maurice Koechlin and Stephen Sauvestre, the Eiffel employees and Co.. It was to serve as the entrance arch to the Exposition Universelle (1889), a World’s Fair that celebrated the centenary of the French Revolution.300 workers worked construction of buildings, uniting over 18,000 pieces of steel and using nearly a half million rivets.It is the most visited monument in the world, and in 2011 attracted 7.1 million visitors. Over 200 million people have had the chance to see the beautiful French tower.

Most Expensive Monuments in Europe (6)

Eiffel Tower worth six times more than the second ranked monument, the Colosseum in Rome, valued at 72 billion pounds. Roman amphitheater, where they wore  gladiator fights, was completed in 80 d.Hr and attracts about 4 million tourists every year.

Most Expensive Monuments in Europe (7)

Cathedral “Sacrada Familia” of Barcelona has a value of 90 billion euros. Made by the famous Antoni Gaudi, construction enjoys great success among tourists.Ranking fourth is Milan Cathedral, valued at at least 82 billion euros.This is followed by the Tower of London, estimated at 70 billion euros.The top is found and the Prado Museum in Madrid, whose value was estimated at 60 billion euros.The ranking is done by the Stonehenge monument in Britain. It was valued at 10 billion euros.

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