Most Expensive iPhone Case is Also the World’s Largest iPhone Case

A thing if is not covered with precious stones or if it is not huge it wasn’t .iPhone covered with gold,studded with hundreds of Swarovski crystals this time ,the beautiful gem surpasses all. For the loyal Apple-lovers:this is the world’s biggest and most expensive iPhone case,in the same tine.This gem you can find it in Las Vegas,more exactly at the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Most Expensive iPhone Case is Also the World's Largest iPhone Case (3)

The swarovski-studded case is made of 300 Swarovski Crystals and it price is $40,000.If you want to but you must to think because your iPhone 4 is too little for this big ,very big case. Crystal cases are going to be a bit pricy for you,but what doesn’t make a really fan?But it is this big dummy?Well it is said that it seems to be a future iPhone.

If you like this stunning combination of Swarovski crystals with latest technologyyou have to to fork out from your pocket for this king-sized case, no less than $40,000.



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