Most Expensive Artificial Islands

Artificial Islands

Artificial Islands

In pursuit of investors as much land as they can build skyscrapers and relaxation centers, there are few businessmen who saw the least exploited a niche: artificial islands of land. And the offers are more variants, each of these islands there are hotels that offer relaxation, or are true oases of technology.

Amwaj Island

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Bahrain islands were built in 2006 with an investment of $ 1.5 billion. In addition, are the only ones islands in the area where foreigners can own land. The houses are built on the ocean and equipped with docks.

Dubai Palm Jumirah

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Dubai can boast with the largest artificial island in the world which cost 12 billion dollars. To build the island have been used 94 cubic meters of sand and 7 million tons of rock. In this floating paradise was brought even 28 dolphins and a reef has been recreated.


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Seen from space, Umihotaru islands, looks like a tongue of land that stretches along the bay Tokyo until the middle of water. From there, the car enters a tunnel that connects the island.

Harbor Island

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Harbor Island was at one time the largest in the world. It has 395 acres for its construction were used 24 million cubic meters of sand and earth. Unlike artificial oasis of luxury before, it is primarily an industrial port.

Floating Island

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New York artist Vito Acconci is created shell-shaped floating island on the River Mur in Graz, Austria. Inside the island was built a cafe and the top can be used as an amphitheater.

The World Island in Dubai

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It was designed as a private island for celebrities who needed privacy. To get this bad you need car, helicopter or boat. Its construction began in 2003, but the financial crisis gave investors plans upside down. The problem is that the island begins to sink.

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