Montblanc Pen Celebrates the Fall of the Berlin Wall

German writing instruments manufacturer Montblanc has created many special edition pens that were dedicated to iconic people or significant historical events. It was only fitting that a German brand that is so connected with the pulse of the world would design a special instrument on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Montblanc Pen Celebrates the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Many people still remember both the days when it was erected in 1961, dividing the country in half, and the glorious day when it fell in 1989. In celebration of that historically significant event, when West Germany and West Germany became one again, Montblanc is selling this new limited edition pen in select boutiques across Berlin for a year.

The cap bears the words “Peace Ambassador 2014”, while the rose gold nib is embossed with the Brandenburg Gate quadriga. The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most renowned landmarks of Germany, and it has been a symbol of freedom ever since it was built in the late 18th century. When the Berlin wall was erected, the monument was isolated on the eastern side of the country, so when the separation was terminated, the historic gate’s role as a peace symbol was reinforced once again.

Montblanc Pen

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