Modern St Leon 10 Residence in Cape Town

This modern residence is situated in Cape Town, South Africa and is set on a beautiful site surrounded by stunning rocky landscapes.

Modern St Leon 10 Residence in Cape Town (10)

St Leon 10 by SAOTA is a residence perfect for both large social gatherings and private family moments, as the home was commissioned by a family with two sons. It boasts sweeping views of the Clifton Beaches, Robben Island and the 12 Apostles Mountains and it is beautifully integrated into the landscape. The designers chose a simple yet effective room arrangement, placing them in such a manner that they all face the sea. The rear part of the home is more intimate; the only opening it has is the double volume entrance area. The area is adorned with timber screens that are framed with steel.

The compartments of the house include a dining room, two lounges and a kitchen set in the main living wing, a guest room and a gym on the lowest level, and a sunken lounge, a pool entertainment room, a bar and a wine cellar on the ground floor.

The interior decorations were designed and created by Antoni Associates. The overall appearance of the interior spaces boasts a beautiful calm color scheme and lovely textures and materials such as leathers and weather timber.

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