Modern ONYX Sofa By Peugeot Design Lab

Even though it looks quite unusual at a glance, the contemporary ONYX sofa by Peugeot Design Lab is actually regarded more as a work of art rather than a fully functional furniture piece. The reason why this particular sofa is so special has everything to do with the materials that were used in its manufacturing process, and those materials are Volvic volcanic rock and black carbon.

ONYX Sofa By Peugeot 3

By fusing two fundamentally different materials, Pierre Gimbergue, who designed this stunning piece, managed to blend the past and the present together into a timeless modern masterpiece.

The sofa required no less than 70 days in order to be complete and was unveiled for the first time during the Milan Design Week 2014. With a price tag of $185,585, this sofa is definitely not cheap, but given its uniqueness and originality, we’re quite sure that it is worth every penny.

ONYX Sofa By Peugeot 2

ONYX Sofa By Peugeot 1

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