Modern and Bright Lo Curro House in Santiago, Chile

The splendid Lo Curro House can be found in Santiago, Chile, and it was designed as a “house without walls, only glass” according to its owner’s specifications. The architects in charge of this incredible 2009 project were experts from a company named Peñafiel Arquitectos. They came up with an incredible solution regarding the abode’s transparency, which involved a curved corridor as well as a large, beautiful south facade.

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The construction of the facade involved extensive use of exposed concrete that was complemented by a wooden framework. The living and sleeping areas ooze comfort and sophistication while boasting a sense of warmth and tranquility. Large contemporary décor elements such as paintings help mask the cold, white appearance of the concrete, as do the wooden frames of the windows along with the wooden floors.

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Modern and Bright Lo Curro House in Santiago, Chile

As far as the outdoors is concerned, the home is completely surrounded by greenery due to its convenient location. However, the lucky owners of this luxe abode are also able to enjoy rare comfort of diving into their own swimming pool.

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Modern and Bright Lo Curro House in Santiago, Chile

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