Miu Miu Proposes Glitter Shoes

The proposals for fall-winter 2011/2012 Miu Miu are downright vibrant. New collection of shoes make you shine, literally, thanks to the glitter and strong colors that are created. However, there are quite risky – if not wearing properly, can ruin your outfit.Miu Miu shoes from the collection are some elements to be allowed to speak. If you put up, you must make sure that the rest of outfit is very simple – you do not want to turn into kitsch queen, nor a heap of glitter.

Miu Miu Proposes Glitter Shoes (5)

Miu Miu shoes with glitter collection accompanied Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2011/2012 season inspired by the `40. Glitter shoes are the last great fad in fashion, which can not leave indifferent any fashionista.Therefore, Miu Miu stores were stormed by women chic and latest trends of things that shine. The success was confirmed by recent week in New York, where they could be seen Miu Miu shoes with glitter.

Consciousness of the potential of his creations, and the risk inherent in a resounding success, Miu Miu knew how to anticipate the phenomenon had to do it these shoes and first distributed a limited number of colors.Brand reserves the right to create a stir among customers once again passed the first wave of enthusiasm, offering them almost identical shoes, which currently are available in shades of fuchsia, blue Klein, pink and tangerine.

It remains to be seen whether this bold colors will be as successful as the other colors that were available in this model of shoes, especially given that we know that only so much glitter shoes of the brand is not up to the expectations and needs of women.




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