Million Dollar Halloween Costume by Morphsuit

Since more and more Morphsuit customers asked for a fancy, flashy and expensive product as of late, the company decided to answer their prayers and adorn one of their suits with $1 million worth of glittering diamonds. If you don’t know what a Morphsuit is, we’ll tell you that it represents a spandex all-in-one suit that covers the entire body, but it is usually devoid of any special adornments, especially diamonds.

Million Dollar Halloween Costum

Dubbed Morph-a-million, this exquisite suit was covered in 20,000 diamonds, and we have to admit that the firm’s timing couldn’t have been better, what with Halloween being just around the corner and all. The suit is based on a grey spandex costume that is quite breathable and easy to see through, and Morphsuit’s representatives described as the “Mercedes Benz of Morphsuits” while further stating that “someone is going to stand out from the crowd big time this Halloween if it sells”.

This dazzling suit will soon be available for purchase along with Morphsuit’s regular Halloween costumes. Would you buy it if you could?


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