Midnight Pass House by by DSDG Inc. Architects

Gorgeous house designed by Mark E. Sultana, principal of Sarasota-based studio DSDG Inc. Architects .The name of the house is the Midnight Pass House and it is situated in Sarasota, a city on the southwestern coast of Florida, USA.The place is as gorgeous as the residence.The house is characterized by simplity and brightness.It was design special for a moden family.The entire structure is modern both inside and outside, the two communicate with each other.The residence is structured around a central round, double height living room with an open loft den penetrating the space on the second level. The strength of the villa are the large opening glass doors on the rear.They are the way through the exterior communicates with interior.The garden has bamboo and palm tree while the terrace has a ground level up to the 2,500 square foot roof top terrace. ” The roof top terrace creates a tree top view of Sarasota bay and Downtown Sarasota as well as a private getaway from the main residence featuring sail shades and hot tub.”

Midnight Pass House by by DSDG Inc. Architects (11)



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