Michael Jordan’s Highland Park Home On The Market

The greatest basketball player of all time has put up for sale the palace of city that made him famous.Former basketball player decided to leave to his villa from Chicago, which has asked no less than $ 29 million.This is the most expensive house in the area, most sales reaching $ 16 million.NBA star property is in Highland Park, near Lake Michigan includes more than 56,000 square meters of living space.Michael Jordan wants 29 million dollars for the house built in 1993 renovated in 2009, a fantastic building . He was made to his specifications of “Air Jordan” luxuriously furnished, with security.The house has 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms five fireplaces. The main gate is decorated with basketbalist former number 23, which he wore during the Chicago Bulls played.Not surprisingly, the home houses a basketball court indoor environments, equipped with professional equipment.It took two years to build and design this house.Jordan is the owner of five restaurants and a car shop and outside of the NBA team, owns a motocross team.

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