Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket Fetches $1.8 Million at Auction

Michael Jackson jacket which the indubitable King of Pop  worn in his Thriller vido was sold for $1.8 million at Julien’s auction Sunday,a day after the second anniversary of the pop superstar’s death.The rpice estimated was of $200,000 to $400,000.What will make with the money?A part of the prceeds will go  toward the Shambala Preserve where Jackson’s two Bengal tigers, Thriller and Sabu, have been living the past five years. It was designed by Deborah Landis, the wife of the Thriller director, John Landis.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket Fetches $1.8 Million at Auction (2)

The leather jacket is one of two Jackson wore during the filming of the 1983 Thriller video. Jackson wears the jacket in a scene with a troupe of zombies who rise from their graves and break into a dance routine. The jacket sold by Julien’s auction house in Beverly Hills is in better condition and is signed on the sleeve by the late singer. Another piece which was sold is the signature fedora Jackson wore during his Bad Tour was sold for $16,250, a handwritten note to friend Elizabeth Taylor went for $5,625 and a signed pillowcase fetched $3,584, while a poster with Jackson’s handwritten lyrics to We Are the World sold for $270,000.

The King of Pop’s closest competition at the auction was the Beatles, which had a number of items for sale. A gold records and instruments were common items, others were more practical, like Frank Sinatra’s boots, selling for $2,500, and his 1986 Jaguar car, $19,000, as well as the U.S. Army-issued sewing kit of Elvis Presley’s that went for $1,536.A signed postcard from Liverpool’s finest sold for $5,504 and Paul McCartney’s bass guitar fetched $14,080.

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