Miami Could Receive A Superb Hairpin-Shaped Building

Even though Miami is currently known mostly for its nice weather and fine beaches, this might not always be the case in the future. And that’s because a local developer named Jeff Berkowitz is planning to construct a magnificent hairpin-shaped landmark that would surely become one of the most important attractions of this lovely city.

Hairpin-Shaped Building 1

Dubbed the “SkyRise”, this massive structure would house a plethora of entertainment facilities such as an amphitheater, a “drop rise” and a bungee jumping platform, while other attractions would involve fine dining venues, a flight simulator and a nightclub. Moreover, the building would become the tallest in Miami, since it would boast a height of no less than 1000 feet. Naturally, the construction costs for this enormous structure would be quite high themselves, between $300 and $400 to be precise. The structure was sketched out by Arquitectonica and features smooth, curvy lines as well as multiple glass elements, while its open-sided design would allow it to withstand the force of hurricanes with ease.

Hairpin-Shaped Building 2

Superb Hairpin-Shaped Building

Berkowitz is currently looking for investors for that would make this thing a reality. We hope that he will find some soon.

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