Mercedes-Benz SL Gets New Interior by Vilner

Vilner is a Bulgarian label that specializes in luxury tuning. The brand has never failed to rise to and exceed expectations when it came to design and quality. One of their latest projects involved re-designing the interior of the Mercedes-Benz SL. For the job, the label worked with five different, yet matching, materials. Even though copious amounts of exotic leather were used to create the new interior design, the outcome was nowhere near tacky or vulgar.

Mercedes-Benz SL Gets New Interior by Vilner (13)

Crocodile leather, brown Alcantara and antique-looking Nappa leather replaced the stock grey plastic elements of the ceiling, seats, floor mats and leather as well as the brown wooden accents. Contrasting stitching was used for an even more stunning result. The steering wheel also received modifications, which made it more practical and aggressive-looking. The plastic components of the thresholds and the seats, the ceiling and the rearview mirror were covered in brown Alcantara.

Brown-gray floor mats and carpet replaced the original ones so that they would match the rest of the design. In order to give some of the plastic parts, wooden applications and gearshift lever a patina steel look, all of the elements named above were hand painted. DLS speakers and amplifiers took the place of the stock audio system. The logo of the brand appears on the doors and the headrests. For that extra touch of luxury and comfort, the interior was made noiseless.

For more information regarding the tuning company’s work, you can visit their official Facebook page.



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