Mercedes-Benz Has Launched Collection of Gifts for Christmas

Most car manufacturers launched collections of gifts for Christmas, and Mercedes-Benz is no exception. Prices are quite high, but not excessive as other companies. So, the ideal gift for a friend or partner passionate about his car can even be car itself but in various forms.You can choose a USB stick, a automodel a briefcase produced by the brand or a pair of leather gloves, wearing company marks.

Mercedes-Benz Has Launched Collection of Gifts for Christmas (37)

German brand claims to offer 40 suggestions for gifts for the whole family, from toy cars that embody the brand’s models as Actros truck or classic Gullwing, to watch or a selection of collectible models.

The collection contains a cover phone that is compatible with most smartphones, which is priced at $ 50, a pen that costs $ 38, a Mercedes-Benz truck for children that is priced at $ 102, but is limited to only 2,500 pieces.If a set of candles will only cost 19.9 euros, a Business Style Chrono watch with Mercedes logo on display, will end up costing about 399.9 euros.German brand announces that these gifts are available at industry trade partners but also for online ordering.



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