Menacing Yet Elegant Tryton MM2 Electric Motorcycle Concept

Just have a look at the Tryton MM2 concept and picture riding this thing across the streets of your hometown! Amazing, right? This extraordinary motorcycle boasts a futuristic yet elegant design that is in perfect tone with its actual performance capabilities.

Tryton MM2 Electric Motorcycle 5

By blending efficiency, power and complete independence from fossil fuels, the creative minds behind this exquisite concept managed to create a near-perfect vehicle that would get you from A to B in utmost style. The Tryton MM2 is powered by a highly efficient battery that ensures a range of 132 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, a complete charging cycle only requires about 2.5 hours to be complete, and it can be done using any 110-volt outlet.

Built using a carbon-fiber frame and thermoplastic body panels, this bike tips the scales at just 215lbs, which is probably why it can perform a 0-60 sprint in just 4.4 seconds, while its maximum top speed is an impressive 160mph.Tryton MM2 Electric Motorcycle 1

Tryton MM2 Electric Motorcycle 2

Tryton MM2 Electric Motorcycle 3

Tryton MM2 Electric Motorcycle 6 Tryton MM2 Electric Motorcycle 7

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