The Medieval Rheinstein Castle in Germany

Rheinstein Castle is a magnificent 10th century construction, worthy of a fairy tale. It is located by the Middle Rhine, near the town of Trechtingshausen in Germany. Surrounded by rich forests, it is set on a rocky ridge, overlooking the river.

Rheinstein Castle in Germany

During the 15th century, the construction started to gradually deteriorate, as its then owner Anton von Wiltberg, Chamberlain in Mainz, decided it was no longer profitable for him to finance its maintenance. It was only in 1823 that the dilapidated castle and its foundation were rebuilt and receivedthe current name, all thanks to the Royal Prince of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig.

Today the Rheinstein Castle is privately owned by the Hecher family, who bought it in 1975 and who spend many years and resources to fully restore its beauty. Visitors can stop in the gift shop to buy postcards, guidebooks, or souvenirs such as tiny handmade treasure chests and other interesting items. There is also a café in the castle for those who need to regain their strength with a little bit of caffeine.

Rheinstein Castle in Germany Panorama

Rheinstein Castle in Germany Lateral View

Rheinstein Castle in Germany Top View

Rheinstein Castle Garden

Rheinstein Castle in Germany Inside

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