MEC Design Mercedes-Benz CLS W219

MEC Desifn modify the old CLS or in other news one of the most beautiful coupe with four doors of history is to our attention thanks to a new tuning session.After seven years of activity first generation of German Mercedes CLS has been replaced be a new model.However it is almost impossible to forget the car which gave birth segment four-door coupes.

MEC Design Mercedes-Benz CLS W219 (10)

As a result, any occurrence of the first Mercedes CLS may represent only reason for joy.Changed and in the past by those of MEC Design,the famous four-door coupe with receives again all the attention from company in Berlin.An impressive attention, which makes the final result is just one step closer to perfection.How translates this attention?For starters, forms attractive model from Stuttgart were wrapped in a matte black shade, and will then be combined with a new body kit.

The kit includes front bumper with LED fog and day lights, rear bumper with carbon fibre “Extreme” diffusor, side skirts with LED, 3 piece trunk lid spoiler, rear window spoiler.Although interior pictures are missing, Germans from MEC Design announces their Mercedes CLS enjoys sports steering wheel, floor mats and custom carbon fiber inserts.

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