MB&F Horological Machine 6 “Space Pirate”

The best place to look for a totally unconventional wristwatch is MB&F. the brand actually doesn’t even call its creations “watches”, but “horological machines”, which is definitely a more appropriate name for these out-of-this-world timepieces.

MB&F Horological Machine 6 “Space Pirate” Front View

The newest member of the MB&F family is the Horological Machine 6 “Space Pirate”, which is the brand’s most intricate piece ever. Five domed “dials” give the timepiece a unique appearance, while also playing important roles in its flawless functionality. The central dome holds a flying tourbillon with retractable UV shield, two others indicate the hour and the minutes, and the last two house the winding rotor’s dampening turbines.

Obtaining the flawless design of each piece requires some 100 hours of brushing and polishing, as the case is made of two milled titanium pieces. Priced at $230,000, only fifty Space Pirates will ever be produced, which makes them even more appealing to collectors.

MB&F Horological Machine 6 “Space Pirate”

MB&F Horological Machine 6 Space Pirate

MB&F Horological Machine


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