Maxi Dolphin MD53 Custom Luxury Yacht

The engineer Roberto Starkel designed a beautiful yacht called MD51 ,the first yacht Maxi Dolphin product speed.Maxi Dolphin manufacturer sought to equip the boat with everything better.The yacht can be modeled in accordance with the requirements of potential customers.Ship has a round cross a hull almost a meter long, new roof design with carbon fiber reinforcements, six portholes and side cockpit with windscreen on 180 degrees and sliding door.

Maxi Dolphin MD53 Custom Luxury Yacht (6)

Also,the yaht has platform designed for swimming and beach area with wood finishes. Exclusive yacht interior contains tables, two bathrooms and only one huge bedroom for the ship to maintain its reputation as the fastest yacht.Engine that propels the boat, a Volvo Penta IPS 600s, provides 2 x 435 horsepower, giving improved acceleration and a boat speed of 35 knots.

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