Massive and Majestic Eltz Castle in Germany

Germany’s Eltz Castle is a fine example of medieval architecture that has been very well preserved over the centuries since it remained in care of the same family since the 12th century. Due to its unique design and convenient location within the Eltz Forest, the castle is now one of the most appreciated tourist attractions in Western Germany.

Eltz Castle in Germany 9

The Burg Eltz looks like it belongs in a fairy tale thanks to its 8 gorgeous towers and uniquely shaped roofs and turrets. It was constructed on a massive rock at an elevation of 229 feet while being flanked on 3 sides by the Elzbach River, which meant that it would be quite difficult to assault by a military force. Fortunately, the Eltz Castle remained unharmed by war and instead served as an official residence for the Rübenach, Rodendorf and Kempenich branches of the same family. Consequently, the castle is divided into 3 main areas in order to accommodate the different sides of the family.

Eltz Castle in Germany 6

Eltz Castle in Germany

Eltz Castle in Germany 8

Eltz Castle in Germany

The Rübenach and Rodendorf areas of the castle can currently be visited by tourists, who would also get a chance to learn about the deep history and incredible significance of this medieval masterpiece. Before moving on the guided tour of the castle itself, guests can admire the incredible beauty of the courtyard, which was built over 5 centuries. The tour includes the prestigious Eltz Castle Armory and Treasury that houses precious gold and silver artifacts as well as weapons and jewelry pieces. The Rodendorf Kitchen offers a great insight into the lives of its inhabitants during medieval times. In addition, Art lovers would also get the chance to feast their eyes on the magnificent “Madonna with Child and Grapes” painting by Lucas Cranach The Elder, while the ” Gluttony being conveyed by Drunkenness” piece by Christoph Lindberger is definitely a must-see as well.

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Eltz Castle in Germany

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