Massimo Dutti Spring 2011 Lookbook

The latest Massimo Dutti spring 2011 are the classic elements and feminine with more neutral tones.Massimo Dutti goes for a smart casual style,ideal for independent and cosmopolitan women.Floral prints, and sandals are neutral accents proposals for warmer days, ahead.

Massimo Dutti Spring 2011 Lookbook (6)

Featuring Katrin Thormann, the Massimo Dutti spring 2011 lookbook is full of wonderful news for you .Maxi dresses and cool leather jackets, or by those comfy, chic flat sandals and versatile accessories and we are sure that you will want to try all this.

Nude shades are the ultimate symbol of femininity and sensuality this season.Therefore Massimo Dutti prepared for us outfits in shades of nude,beige,brown .Also the non-colors black and white are include in collection .Don’t be ashamed and mix all proposed colors and you will see that you will get a unbeatable look.The eye-catching colors are perfect for accesories or bold prints which always completes the outfit.

You mustn’t to forget the essential element and this is leather jacket .This classic piece is hot and versatile, coming back in force season after season.A leather jacket with floral printed shorts, a girly dress, or a head-to-toe white outfit are some ideas of Massimo Dutti Spring 2011 Lookbook.The red leather jacket in the Massimo Dutti collection is so cool and edgy and it works amazing for different occasions, both casual or more formal.

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