Marvel’s Avengers And Adidas Unleash “Quicksilver” Adizero Prime Boost

The latest adidas collaboration might be of interest to you even if you don’t care about the brand. Marvel, the entertainment powerhouse behind the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron and current ruler of the world, is collaborating with the global sports retailer on a new line of Avengers themed threads.  Introducing the Marvel x adidas “Quicksilver” adizero Prime Boost, part of a collaborative collection promoting the film, which opens in a little over a week.

Marvel's Avengers And Adidas Unleash "Quicksilver" adizero Prime Boost (3)

The Marvel x adidas “Quicksilver” adizero Prime Boost takes its name from one of the new additions to the Avengers team, the superfast Quicksilver. And it takes more than just its name from the speedster, also borrowing his grey color scheme wrapped around its grey Primeknit upper, joined by hits of lime green and a couple of Avengers logos.

Avengers: Age of Ultron, like this collection, is set to come out on May the 1st.

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