Marvelous Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai is a place where everything is taken to another level, a place where the world’s wealthiest come to relax and enjoy an atmosphere of pure sophistication. With a staggering skyline and some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the city is without a doubt one of the hottest holiday destinations. One of the most beautiful places you can visit here is the largest natural garden in the world.

Marvelous Dubai Miracle Garden (19)

Dubai Miracle Garden is truly a place of wonder. It is situated in Dubailand on an area of 72,000 square feet and boasts an astonishing total number of flowers of more than 45 million. It flaunts topiary-style displays with blooms distributed in various shapes as well as traditional flowerbeds. You don’t have to worry about the garden ever getting dull, because the floral displays will be changed season after season. This marvelous project was realized by the company Akar, which specializes in landscaping.

Some of you might be wondering how such a large garden could ever prosper in such an arid region. The secret behind it is the fact that a drip irrigation system is used and that no drop of water goes to waste as all of it is re-used. To keep the flowers safe, during the hottest days of summer the Miracle Garden will be closed. There are still some additions to be made to the beautiful garden, including restaurants, outlets and shops, but it is currently open and ready to receive visitors for an entrance fee of 20Dhs. Dubai Miracle Garden can be admired from 10AM to 10PM on weekdays and from 10AM to midnight during week-ends and public holidays. It will be temporarily closed at the end of May and opened again in October.


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