Marvelous Chongwe River House in Zambia

For adventurous nature lovers, Zambia is an excellent place for a vacation. If this corner of the world seems appealing to you, then you should try visiting the magnificent Lower Zambezi National Park, where life is always exciting and inspiring. Here, at the edge of the park, Chongwe River House awaits guests in a cozy mix of luxury and laid back ambiance.

Marvelous Chongwe River House in Zambia (18)

It is a 4-bedroom residence surrounded by nature and undeveloped areas. You can reach it by car or by plane, as there is also a dirt airstrip close to the house. The place is large enough to accommodate an entire family or a small group of friends, with every guest being offered the best in terms of comfort. The construction is beautifully integrated into the landscape, featuring ferro walls and a rather organic design.

Actually, pretty much everything about the lovely Chongwe River House is inspired by nature. Natural materials dominate the place, being used for furniture, fittings and décor. Everywhere you look you see wood, pebbles, bones and marble. For extra comfort, the property also features a beautiful outdoor area with swimming pool. Here guests can relax, recharge, and even get adventurous and explore the wildlife together with a professional guide.


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