Manufacture of Medicines that Looks Like the Palace of Versailles

Chinese prove once again that they can create true works of art, even when it comes to an ordinary factory of medicines.Perhaps employees of U.S. company Google is spoiled Japanese delicacies and get daily personal travel scooters,but the Chinese city of Harbin factory employees boast that works in a building can be likened to the famous Palace of Versaille in France.

Manufacture of Medicines that Look Like the Palace of Versaille (12)

Photographs of the factory, made ​​public by Sina News and ChinaSmack reveals versaillist style, with marble, gold leaf and crystal.Moreover, they have created uproar and comments among Chinese people, according ChinaSmack.Manufacture is a subsidiary of China State Pharmaceutical Six.Offices medications factory in Harbin are decorated on the outside, like many European tourist attractions.

Lobby factory can be compared easily with a five star hotel reception and hallways leading building lot with rooms of a famous French palace. Artistic elements of the walls have nothing in common with pharmaceuticals, and if you say that one of the rooms houses a white piano, huge, we are sure to spark even more interest.Extremely luxurious rooms equipped with modern furniture, complemented by bright details give you the feeling that you’re in a five-star resort, not a drug factory.

And because factory managers need a venue in which to hold meetings, building architects thought a spacious meeting room, but decorated in the same way artistic.Probably built for workers relaxing after work program, an indoor Olympic size pool seems only good for swimming.

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