Manhart BMW MH3 V8RS Clubsport

Marhart Racing comes with a new tunning kit . German tuner announced the newest work based on the BMW M3 called MH3  V8  RS Clubsport that uses many components and technology taken from the BMW X6 M.First the tuners taken the S63V8 engine from X6 M and have installed under the hood.Increased performance is the result of a Biturbo conversion which increases the power of 555 to 750 hp and a maximum torque of 910Nm.To cope with increasing power was installed on the car a larger cooler and reinforced pistons.It was also installed and a new set of brakes called MOVIT with discs of 396x34mm with six piston calipers front and 380x32mm with four piston on the rear axle.

Manhart BMW MH3 V8RS Clubsport (13)

Weight was reduced to 1590 kg, making the power / weight ratio for MH3 V8 RS Clubsport vehicle to be 2.12 kg / hp. The exhaust system is titanium and has two racing catalysts.The MH3 model accelerates now from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds and is capable of speeds over 350km/h.Outside, people at Manhart Racing has been focused on adding components from carbon fiber body, starting with air intakes for the new hood, trunk lid spoiler on CSL style, an adjustable front spoiler, wheel arches front and rear, side skirts and a rear diffuser. And exterior mirror covers are all carbon fiber.

The car received Manhart Racing forged wheels ultra-light Concave One “Black Edition”, 9 × 20 inch at the front, wear high-performance 255/30ZR20 tires, Continental Sport Contact model 5, and 12 × 20-inch rear axle, all equipped with Continental tires for 325/25.



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