Makeup Trends Autumn / Winter 2011-2012

Makeup trends for the season autumn / winter 2011-2012 are an atypical extension of the warm season, because although many of them are consistent and complementary, the final effect is completely different.If you are a fan of makeup colors, color blocks are the trend of strong shades of pink, orange and purple is equally present in autumn / winter 2011-2012. Bold combination of cold season certainly will not disappoint aficionados of retro glam makeup.

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No nude style does not disappear ,this is just the starting point for all four directions adopted makeup essential autumn / winter. Main points of the face – eyebrows, eyes, lips and cheeks – items on which makeup artists had their own visions. The result is spectacular by the fact that depending on what part of the girl decide to emphasize, we get four different types of makeup.

About eye makeup have a lot to tell. Geometry and color are the watchwords, pointing both directions on a common element – technical emphasis, strong and clear, which marks a dramatic look.

One of the main trend is represented by strong eye eyeliner and highlight accounts through a layer of mascara consistent. So-called blunder in makeup “spider eyes” appears in many collections on the catwalk presentations, which demonstrates once again how out can become a makeup makeup, pure and simple.

Colorful eye makeup stays trends, favorite colors in season fall / winter 2011-2012 was the golden intense solar yellow / orange strong, lilac, pink, deep green or blue.

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  1. Jane Stevens

    I absolutely agree with you. This autumn lips trend are strong colors, and I am loving it, especially purple colour for the lips. Following the “”Golden rule””- playing on one feature, either lips or eyes, and with the purple lipstick, just “”neutral nude make up”” for eyes goes great. In my opinion, purple colour fits everyone, just needs to find the right shade.

    Beauties Factory UK


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